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Arno Metallurgica Application fields - Arno Metallurgica
Azienda certificata ISO 9001




roducts by Arno Metallurgica are widely used in all environments characterized by the presence of seawater or anyhow corrosive substances, because copper alloys, particularly aluminium bronzes and nickel containing alloys, assure high resistance to mechanical stresses and corrosion.
For this reason, the company mainly operates the following sectors: marino, off-shore, large plants and centrifugal machines.





ronzes are used in shipbuilding for a wide variety of components in contact with seawater, as for instance propellers, made in aluminium-nickel bronzes that confer high resistance to corrosion, fatigue and erosion, bearings and bushings for propeller shaft, pumps, valves and heat exchangers. A particular sector is made of manganese base bronze propellers, for which our company holds a remarkable experience and manufacturing capability. Bronzes are mainly used in on board plants for pumps, valves and cooling system tubing, desalination, fire fighting, load handling and washing and mechanical components in contact with seawater.



he use of bronzes in these plants is similar to the one of ships, with the addition of the remarkable extension of fire fighting circuits that utilize large pipes and pumps for seawater inlet, due to the high fire risk.





he main areas where Arno Metallurgica operates are chemical and petrochemical, desalination and energy. In chemical and petrochemical industry and in the field of desalinators, that transform seawater in soft water by boiling under vacuum and following condensation, the use of bronzes is mainly extended to a large variety of pumps, valves and components for the heat exchangers of cooling systems, in particular with seawater. In the energy field, the company is traditionally present with manufacturing either Pelton, Francis and Kaplan hydraulic runners as well as retaining rings, valves, etc. or pumps and valves designed for the cooling circuits of fossil and nuclear power stations. In the field of large electrical machines, our company supplies pure copper item for generators and transformers.



 he company has a long and extremely rich experience of supplying a variety of items in different bronze types to the main centrifuge manufacturers in Italy and abroad, typically operating in the historical field of dairy and food industry, as well as chemical, petrochemical, naval and off-shore.


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